Your journals are here!

UPDATE 4/28/2018: Here's the link!

UPDATE 4/27/2018: I have just put up my new site and will link the product page here when they're up! I've also updated this post to reflect the higher quality of the journals

In the past few weeks, I've trudged through rainforests, hunting the best vegan cows for leather.

I survived on lizard and repurposed sweat in the Sahara desert to glean the best Egyptian silk for thread.

And I climbed the Himalayas, grueling step by grueling step, enduring excruciating cold and low pressure to garnish the bark of top-line trees to create paper.

(Slightly exaggerated for dramatic effect)

And they're finally done!

You can purchase your passion Joenals at the link which will be here soon!

Each journal is hand-made to order, with vegan leather and quality craftsmanship.