Why Travel?

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To be cliche, why travel? What's in it for the average, pardon my self-insert, Joe? It depends.

It depends on where. It depends on when. It depends on who you go with and why you're going.

  • If I go with some friends to Montreal, I'm going to have a lot of fun, probably get into some trouble, but I won't learn much about myself.
  • If I go with my lover to Toronto, I'm probably going to learn a lot about her, and we'll get a lot closer to each other.
  • If I stay on my own in Israel, I'm going test my limits of self-comfort and independence. I'm going to find a way to get by, and learn a little bit of the language.

So the question is what do YOU want out of travel?

  • Independence
    • Travel alone or with a buddy you'll only see in your lodge
    • Travel to a place with a foreign language you'll have to learn on your own
    • Learn to barter
  • Companionship
    • Travel with a close friend or lover, to places where you'll both enjoy
    • Find some time alone with your companion to enjoy yourselves
    • Visit a romantic place if you're with a lover, like Paris, or Niagara Falls
  • Partying and fun
    • Best pick - ROAD TRIP WITH FRIENDS!
    • Travel with a group
    • Dorm together in a hotel or hostel

Good luck traveling folks! I'm off to DC, Orlando and Louisiana for much of August. Stay tuned for those stories!

~Joe Buchoff