When There is a Fork in the Road


You take it.

I want to travel the world. I want to learn to live on my own, wherever I am. I want surf life like the beautiful wave it is.

But the question of safety comes up often. Will I be safe doing this? Will I keep my friends? Will I be able to provide for myself? It comes from a place of worry. A place of fear. I feel I should throw myself into the world, headfirst. Not go to college. Live on the road.

But recently, I realized that you need money to do things.

You hear many stories of wildly successful CEOs exclaiming about how college is the bane of existence. How it trains you to be an employee. They're right about that and there is merit to staying the hell away from comfort zones.

But there is also merit for staying the hell away from homelessness. While 2 months on the streets might give you the grit you needed in your life, there is no merit to snuggling into a cardboard box when you could get the same thing done while snuggling into your warm, fuzzy bed.

I applaud your boldness if you decide you wish to take that stupid path.

But cue August... I began planning for my epic blastout road trip. I picked cities I wanted to visit, in areas of the country I've never been. Meeting people along the way, learning a shit ton about myself, and ridding my life of things I didn't need.

I came back changed.

I came back changed. And broke.

I got kicked out of my house by my housemates (long story), lived in my car while driving for Uber, and worked on this blog. I built up my journal business and created ways to make my journals.

I was free. I was riding the wave of life. I was Unchained.


But then, on Halloween, I crashed my car.

I was forced out of my job, into homelessness, crashing in Rutgers Libraries nearby and friends' houses when they were available.

Life has consequences and you need money to do things.

I found a place now, but reality set in pretty quickly. Life has consequences and you need money to do things.

I shook up my life taking my semester off, and I will shake up my life again after college.

But I need to keep my own head on my shoulders. I need to understand that completing college is my way of ensuring an income for myself so I can invest more into my blog and help you become unchained, so you can live life on your own terms. This is not for society, this is not for my family, this is for me and you, my readers.

I will have more ability to gain cash when I set myself free. I will be able to keep myself afloat, even in the turbulent surf of life. And I learned my lesson.

The lesson for you in unchaining yourself here is this:

You can throw yourself out of a plane, but you should do so with a parachute.

That's a scream of excitement I swear

That's a scream of excitement I swear