What is life about?



Huge question Joe. Get your head out of the clouds and back on the ground.


Nah. To that I say... Nah.

Life is too short for dilly dallying and too important for taking lightly. The middle ground is becoming a playful, self-sufficient child.

"I'm never going to grow up. I am going to become a responsible child."

My friends know I infamously say "I'm never going to grow up. I am going to become a responsible child."

What do I mean?

I mean the playfulness of running outside in a hot summer day because you're happy and feel the rush will never leave me.

The goofiness of doing a stupid dance because the music is too catchy will stay in my body like my super cool mewvs.

The honesty of telling it like it is, disregarding what we're "supposed to say" and instead, saying what is will leak out of my mouth with full force, spewing straight up honesty to the faces of those who desperately need it (I'm looking at YOU Ogre Indian-food boss! He knows it because I tell him quite often.)

My paycheck will be filled, with a "normal" job when I absolutely need to, but also with fun things, like the Audible Audiobook narrations I'm trying now, and the Uber(link)shenanigans(link) I got myself into.

Or this blog, where I have tons of fun, exploring the subway, pantsless(link), chilling in a castle in Toronto(link) and making cream soda pie(link), because... you know what? Life IS short. Before you know it(link), your bones are brittle, your teeth are gone (great for blowjobs but horrible for eating...) and the only thing you remember is the war... You just don't remember which war.

Then you do.

It was the war you had with yourself. Where you thought of two paths to your life.

You thought of the path of the life you desired so deeply... To travel. To love. To live FREELY.

And you thought of the pain you'd get from others... The shame for not getting a "real job," and of not finishing college.

But what you didn't realize when you made the choice to pick mediocrity over fulfillment was that the situation was like the inferi, enchanted corpses in Harry Potter which bring you down deep into the water and drown you, making you one of them.


But they're real.

They're not dead... Medically. But most people walk around life not realizing that they let the world reprogram them.

The free kids they once were have been shoved into cages of ideology. "Go to school, get a college degree, get a job, work for your retirement, retire happy and die with a supportive family around you... Or alone like Scrooge."

But their PASSION is delegated to retirement, when they don't have to serve society anymore, after they've run their true inner selves into the ground, for a bit of external validation.

But wouldn't life be so much better if we realized that we could do what we wanted NOW?

That we can live life on our own terms NOW?

Well not exactly... See, if we choose to Unchain Ourselves from society's expectations, and free ourselves to live The Good Life, we must take responsibility for our own food, shelter, social fulfillment, love, education. Without the attachment and security societal service brings us, following the agreed-upon life path we're "supposed" to lead, we are abandoned from the societal acceptance and handouts we feel we crave.


But we open ourselves to the beauty of life. Life's fickle, gorgeous dance, which somehow outlines even my super uber cool mewvs (here's a reminder of my super kewl mewvs - link.) A dance of love, of prosperity, of experiences, of storms, of devastation.

Life is a fickle mistress, if you subject yourself to it. It is a roller coaster of beautiful highs, and devastating lows. It is our job to buckle in, secure ourselves financially, socially and romantically, and enjoy the ride.

Choosing to watch the coaster from the ground is a move I never understood. I hopped in, I hopped on and I enjoyed the ride, smiling with the wind blowing my hair. Letting out a delighted scream every now and then... Or a yell when a climb scared me.

I write this blog to share that with you, my readers. And with the world.

It's a shame most people don't jump into life.

So Unchain Yourself...

And jump.