Walking and Eating in NYC


NYC is a great place to stay for people who like to be stimulated. If you're someone who enjoys activity, novelty and a lot of walking, what are you waiting for? The first thing you'll notice about NYC is that it never sleeps. While traffic has surges at certain times, they're more like small mounds. On a graph you'd see a low rise rather than a spike during rush hour. Because it's constantly bustling. NYC is buuuusy.

There's a reason it's called the city that never sleeps.

So I'll show you around a couple places in NYC through this post:

Walking Around Areas

  1. Penn Station
    • If you're heading into the city from somewhere else, you'll either enter into the Port Authority, or you'll find yourself here. There are many great food places. As your first stop in the city, you'll become quickly accustomed to the bustling crowds in the main area of Manhattan, and the up front and quick nature of the food places
    • If you're up for a quick intro to Manhattan, this is the place to check out!
  2. Washington Square Park
    • With great picnic areas, some cool events throughout the year (light-saber battles anyone? giant crowd pillow fights?) Washington Square Park is pretty cool. Plus it's near NYU and some cool food trucks!
    • If you're up for some casual walking around, picnicking, or just relaxing in the grass, check it out!
  3. Central Park
    • Central park is huge. 843 acres, about 1.317 square miles. There are so many trails and I've found just today a cool coffee place next to an Alice in Wonderland statue, and a little turtle pond. I met a travel vlogger there! Eric Abroad, who lives in Portland was hanging with his friend Mike. I'm putting up a video in another post about it!
    • If you love to walk for hours, see cool things like sculptures, art installations, join yoga classes in warmer months... Central Park is for you. It is the perfect addition to this list of places to walk.

Places to Eat

Grand Central Station

  • This place is SO COOL. I went into the station recently. On the floor level, there is a market with produce, confections, pastries...
  • If you need to travel somewhere and want a quick, gormet bite or you want some picnic food, check this out. Everyone should go here once before leaving NYC. Prices are expensive. A basket of strawberries cost $8.

Macy's basement food court

  • In the basement of Macy's, next to Men's underwear and an arcade, you'll find a small food court. Inside this food court is a Ramen place, an Italian place, and a couple other small shops. I took a date here and we had fun window shopping after a bite
  • If you're a total shopper, want a fun date idea, or are just passing through, right out of Penn Station, check out Macy's food court in the basement. I paid $13 for some great ramen
  1. The Pennsy
    • Another option close to Penn Station is Pennsy. Pennsy is a quirky food court. With hipster seitan burgers and homemade organic ginger ale, you'll find tasty unique options. Did I mention there's also a bar? It's pretty cool.
    • If you're down for cool foods to post on Instagram, which are unique and quick, check this place out! It's New York cheap, which means $11 for that Seitan burger.
    There are way too many to write up here myself, so I'll give you this cool link if you need more info!NYC natives and enthusiasts, what are your favorite places to eat and walk in NYC? Tell us in the comments!