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Project Unchained Readers! So I rented an AirBnB with a girl I met in Nashville, and we're playing house. This is pretty boss. Travelling brings people into your life that you want to stay. Adventures all the time, people coming and going.

I'll relay a couple lessons I've learned. I spoke to Dawn about this, planning it out for a while and we spoke of a couple weekends. We spoke of next weekend at one point, and I had reserved accidentally the AirBnB for next weekend.

AirBnB Tip #1: communicate, communicate, communicate

I called my host a couple hours before I picked Dawn up and was scheduled to check in - a week early. He had another place he used to rent out, and immediately offered that one since he had other guests over. Always ask.

AirBnB Tip #2: always give back

Little does my host know, I'm making it worthwhile for him. I bookbind, and I am beginning to make travel journals to sell on this site (surprise! I'll hopefully have them soon.) He's getting the first of them!

It's an unspoken rule that while you leave enough space for kind gestures to be genuine, given without expectation, it's always appreciated to show your thanks. And I am thankful for his accommodation.

So that's my weekend. I am working on my bookbinding technique and making business cards for this blog. I'm looking to bring on writers for this team so I can focus on my passion, crafting, while the writer could post up travel tip posts, and look around for guest posts to bring on the site.

If you're interested, email me at You'd be promised in contract a portion of the site's revenue in exchange for regular posts. Right now it's only me, but let's make this something bigger and sustainable!

Stay tuned for updates on the travel journals and Unchain Yourselves!

~Joe Buchoff