To Cali or Bust - Part II: A Night out in Fresno

To Cali or bust, to Cali or bust. By God Almighty, to Cali or bust. I just had to get that out of there.

A couple days ago I got tired of family and wanted to get out of the house for the night so I used my age and went over to a bar where there were locals. The bar was in the artsy district of Fresno, and featured a guy with a Santa hat playing piano. I walk in, look around, find two groups of people my age, one group of three girls and one of a girl with three other guys playing pool. I start flirting with the girls at the table, asking what they're doing there (coworkers girls' night out.) They eventually have to go, go to another bar. I get one of their numbers even though it probably won't go anywhere and I ask the barkeep for a porter. He obliges and I join the hubbub about the pool game.

This girl has red hair, is short but is very comfortable to talk to. So we chat a bit as we make our way over to a more friendly bar. It turns out she works for a major airline as a flight attendant. So we chat about that and she tells me some of the interview process.


Apparently they take you in for a whole day, ask you questions as a group then put you through a couple roleplays. I even got to hear what they do with bombs (you'll never get it out of my lips!) She was holed up in a very cold city next to the airline's headquarters and she ended up loving it. She lives there now (she can't talk about the airline this openly, and requested anonymity for her and her work's sake.)

Another guy I met later that night was named Spee, he studies Psychology at Fresno State, and he looks like this (the guy on the right):


We got into a philosophical discussion. Although as I write this it feels so dry, so ingenuine. I want to talk about something else, so this next post will flip up the structure, I'm writing it now and I'll post it to you briefly. Stay tuned!