Tips From the Road So Far

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Meet people. Have adventures. Let loose.

It may look like it's all fun and games, but in the end of the day, there are many moments where traveling can feel crappy. The allure of travel, and even the great experiences I have on the road do not take away from the fact that it is a human experience, and while I'd love to be superhuman, I am not.

I get worried when I'm on the road, when my battery dies (it happened the day before I got to New Orleans.) When I arrive at the hostel and look at my bank balance, I worry about the next day.

So I take some time to myself, get my bearings, and rest. Even the nomad needs to orient himself every now and then. Situate himself.

  • A major tip I have for you while traveling I've found to be very helpful to myself is this: Take space for yourself.

If other people from the hostel are going out, ask yourself if you can handle it. If you need to rest, rest. Don't overdo yourself, enhance your experience so you can have quality experiences, rather than a ton of crappy ones, and stay balanced.

I missed a blog post on Thursday and laxed on social media so I could stay present. While I wish I could have shown you what I saw here, I needed the space for myself, and I used my own advice and prioritized that over this blog. When traveling, above all, stay centered.

    • On a more practical note, have a plan in case your mode of transportation changes. Many people who travel like to play it by ear, myself included. Planning too much takes away from adventure and can stifle the experience.

However, unnecessary worry can be even more harmful than overplanning, when done right. Get some jumper cables, a jug of water, and some non-perishable snacks to keep in your trunk for a road trip. Check your spare tire and tools. You'll be able to drive without worry and go on more risky trip tangents since you have the backup (check Murphey's law, it may happen.)

    • Don't drink with British people if you're not used to drinking. Or crass humor. Self-explanatory. You'll be throwing up and it won't be pretty. I can be a sensitive little bitch which doubles when I'm drunk, so it wasn't pretty, even though we made up the next day.
    • Don't plan too much. Plan enough so that you have some idea of a structure, but have enough space to let loose and have adventures.

For instance, I met a guy named Shawn the first day in New Orleans (which I found out was nicknamed NOLA) who invited me out to Midsummer Mardi Gras on Saturday. I stayed at his place afterwards and hung out with his huge bulldog (who cuddled up with me the whole night, he was so adorable) and him and watched Archer and Trancendence. It's that AI movie with Johnny Depp which is damn awesome.

All that was unplanned, but because I left myself open to adventure and trusted that I could protect myself in case Shawn wasn't who he said he was, it happened.

With these tips, Unchain Yourselves by thinking of the first place you want to travel. Start imagining what you'll do there. Make it real.

I'm here in Nashville right now and soon I'll write a post about host/guest ettiquite and a cool art museum here.