The NYC Masterpost

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In this post you will find how to get around NYC, where to get cheap lodging, and how to make some cash if you're low.

I'll also include some cool places to visit.

Number one rule in NYC: don't care what other people think.

Nobody's going to get beat up. You're not going to encounter a mugger, even in dark alleys at night in Harlem. Unless you start something or are really unlucky that stuff doesn't happen.

But it's important as a traveler who likes to explore cultures to participate in those cultures. And in NYC, personal achievement and responsibility is king. As I say in my subway post, others are glad to help but at the end of the day, in NYC your well-being is considered your responsibility. It's your job to work for your keep, to negotiate for fair prices from street merchants. As long as you take care of yourself, you'll enjoy the city and the nightlife (which I have yet to explore.)

How to get around NYC:


The best way is the subway. Other than that, Uber is efficient. In NYC, Uber drivers must be licensed to pick up drivers. As an Uber driver myself, I am able to pick people up in New Jersey, Philadephia and Connecticut, but if I want to pick people up in NYC I need to get a commercial license and MTA certified.

NYC has a lot of free events

I didn't check while I was there, but upon checking it now, 10:55 AM on Wednesday, February 1st 2017, there are 83 events yet to happen TODAY in NYC!

The best part?

That was only the first page!

I attended Samsung 837, a Samsung tech showcase with VR experiences, a tech-motion art experience and home automation examples to name a few pieces. All free, and they host free yoga classes with well-known teachers each week (through February)

There's the place on Google Maps.

I will update this post as time goes on, but feast your eyes on this for now!