The Last Part of Davis

It's been a while Cookie Monsters! I've been doing things at school like getting acquainted to my classes, dorm organizing etc. I'm going to finish up this latest post real quick while I have time.

Davis' Farmer's Market is awesome. When I lived there I liked to walk over and get the Indian food they had. This time I got an amazing croissant from one of the bakeries selling food there.

But first I ran my morning run over to a clothing store. La Boheme they called it, selling secondhand clothes like a boss. Yalena helped me out with my jeans and afterwards I talked with her about her shop, her time in Davis etc.

So here's a Humans of Davis, California entry:

Author's note: I have misplaced the photos, so unfortunately I cannot share the things I saw that day. Have fun reading though!

Yelena is originally from Russia, and speaks in a beautiful thick accent. She has lived in the town for over 10 years with her daughter, who went to a Waldorf School. These schools teach in a newer way, one that encourages collaboration and positive reinforcement, which can be controversial as a means of bringing up the younger generation. Her store is well-stocked with post cards, jeans, jackets and other clothing around the store. I saw some vintage jeans on the rack as I was looking for things to get.

The postcards she sold were different. Yelena superimposed her daughter's drawings on pictures of London and sold them.