The Importance of Routine


Routine. Ugh... Especially to a free-spirit.

You're probably thinking:

"Joe, you told us you're going to help us unchain ourselves and become FREE of this nonsense!"

And, as your personal shepherd, I will.

After this post, you'll likely feel more excited, safe and ready to explore the world!

You'll think

"I am your sheep, Joe, you are my shepherd."

Because you will have such knowledge that you understand a cheat code to travel that makes it SO easy. The first cheat code I will give you.

Although, only as much safety as you need, since of course safety itself is a risk - the more safe you are, the less fulfilling your life will be. "Safe" has become a swear word to me. How else could I travel to Israel and spend an extra week alone in a country where I didn't know the language? How else could I jump out of a plane at 10,500 feet above the ground, after having signed a waiver declaring I understand I could die from this action and it is my choice to waive the instructor, the facility and the parachuting agency from all liability?

SAFE is a dirty, dirty word, which takes all dreams and flushes them down the toilet. Do not listen to SAFE.

Listen to exciting, fulfilling, meaningful, growth, wealth, persistence, intelligence... Those words will get you far.

Onto the most important cheat code - the foundation of the free-spirit lifehacks I will show you.

Create a routine, now.

Where is a nomad's home? Think about this for a minute until you have an answer.

Whether or not your goal is literally to travel without a home, or your free lifestyle goal is something different, you need to create an understanding of the nomad.

A nomad's home is within himself (or herself, but let's keep it simple and allow expression to flow without silly rules, kay? Just assume it applies to you too and don't be a reactive little...) A nomad finds ways to create his own place in the world. He finds a way to create his own anchor and be at peace wherever he is.

When waking up anywhere between 5 and 9 am in the morning, traveling around a foreign country with a foreign language, foreign alphabet and foreign food among other new things, all the excitement can throw you off balance. When I visited Israel in late 2014, I was thrown off balance to the point where at home, after 3 weeks away and the flight back, I was bleeding from... Whoa you didn't need to know that. The point was, I was going through tons of great major life changes, and the excitement and change took a toll on my body. So I created my routine system and tested it on myself so others could travel without the same danger.

To give you an example of a simple and well-known unbalancing effect of travel, imagine jetlag. Your body has been awake for over 16 hours and you're wanting to sleep... But you traveled from London to LA and the sun is still up despite your body saying


This is a simple example to share the impact your routine has on your life.

Without further ado, my personal morning routine:

  • Wake up
  • Make Bed
  • Mediate 10 minutes
  • Drink water with chia seeds
  • Write my FAM log [more about this later]
  • Make breakfast
  • Eat breakfast
  • Write 5 things I am grateful for
  • Write down my finances and budget
  • Schedule social media for Project Unchained, P.U. Marketing, P.Unchained Member group, DeuxDollarGrams etc...
  • Write a post certain days
  • Send a newsletter certain days

This is so important for me to have. I focus on myself, my diet, my happiness, my projects... It all comes together and enables me to center myself, include sustainment, health and give back to the world.

But also,


Leave space to change. One problem I came across when first starting my routine was rigidity. I put a lot on my plate and gave myself 0 wiggle room. In the end, routine equaled frustration and I failed hard. So I gave myself more wiggle room, noted each time I missed something, but gave myself compassion and let it go. I guided myself more gently int a daily routine which added to my life rather than took energy away and added stress.

Meditation brings me balance. My cooking routine gives me sustenance and physiological resilience. My FAM (food/action/mood - what I put in my mouth, what I did before I logged, and what my sensations are in my body) log and finances gives me awareness over my life, and my social media gives me growth and momentum in my business.

The gratitude is the most important part for me that I do it twice a day! It puts me in a happy, harmonizing place. I love the world and where I'm at once I declare my gratitude.

This is an example only. If you love art, make sure to do a sketch in the morning! If you can't sit still but still need a balancer, take a 15-minute walk WITHOUT your phone or smartwatch instead! Change your routine and make it YOU.

Here is my checklist for your morning and night routine. It needs to be:

  • Doable. It must add to your life, not take away from it, or add unnecessary work, rather to leave you better off than before.
  • Relevant to your life, your goals, and your current place in life. It's important for you to make it genuine. No "call investors each morning" if you make a living happily in carpentry, but want to feel more important. Integrate and form habits which improve the life you dream to build.
  • You should treat missing certain points as "I'm noticing I've missed certain points today, and I will make a decision to complete it now or let it go." People tend to get into extremes when self-disciplining. Either punishing themselves deeply and reinforcing their habits through all the attention, or letting it go and losing momentum towards their desired life. A more balanced, "I'm noticing my infraction and am making a decision about it" allows you to think critically and reasonably while putting energy into a solution.

Any questions? Email me at! I will answer every question I get.