The Importance of Me Time


The world fills us up with a lot of shit. Shitty ideas "It's great to work a 9-5 hoping for a raise, listening to someone else, draining your life away for future freedom when you're older and less able to use it."


"Sex is shameful and you should keep it to yourself and only ask for it after being nice to her and buying her a 2 million dollar platinum-gold plated adamantium ring."


"Kanye West is actually a good artist." Buuurn!

We have so many articles and books about nutrition diets, but what about information diets? Have you ever scrolled on Facebook for an hour? For two? Or maybe even more?

Afterwards, do you ever remember that you wanted to clean your room and rub one off before you got lost on Facebook?

Probably not. In the age of Everyone Can Make A Youtube Video in 5 Minutes, you've gotta be careful about what information you put into your mind. Tons of junk info can clog up your mental processes and you don't get to process what your girlfriend said that morning. Then you come home and there's a note on the table and your favorite panties of hers are gone along with the fuzzy red handcuffs you both bought together.

If only you didn't watch so many cat videos :(

So I invite you, dear readers, be aware of your information habits. When you reach for Facebook, think... Would you rather learn a language? Watch some hilarious but informational Youtube videos? Or watch some junk video about a baby gnawing on a giraffe's ear?

Like Twix bars, totally go ham once in a while. But if you eat Twix bars all the time, you'll turn into this guy (actually me a few years back)

the spot of joe