The Cutest Products! Reviewed...


Update 4/27/18: Shannon Lee unfortunately took down her website. I've contacted her to see what's going on and will keep you updated

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When I started this blog, I was nervous. I had no idea what was to come, what people would say. Would I get readers? Would people be like "why are you making a blog???" I got both. One day last semester I posted a blurb about my blog on the Rutgers Facebook page to get readers. Shannon messaged me looking to show support and collaborate with her blog, RegularLee. She messaged my page and supported my blog long before anyone else did. If you're reading this, Shannon, thank you!

She mostly does product reviews, and her latest post on shopping Ebay for some cute little keychains is no exception. Her humor is punchy and descriptive as she writes, and I get a clear picture in my head as I read. Check out her posts! They are fun I'm sure you'll find!

Another notable post of hers I thought was cool was her post on a sculpture garden in Hamilton. I believe I've been there - my grandpa held his 80th birthday at a sculpture garden and with his expensive tastes, catered rose water soda and cold onion soup. I had so much unfamiliar food that my frail body was like "nah, this isn't staying here. What are you, crazy? This is floor food." And I threw up on the floor. We're not allowed back there and it's been a family joke ever since.

Shannon had a much better experience, and writes about some sculptures she's seen. One in particular shows a sculpture that was nearby the World Trade Center when it became Ground Zero. It is now dedicated as a monument.

Give yourself the gift of her posts, subscribe to her blog and let her humor, her travels, and her experiences lift up your day!