The Cereal Post


I mentioned something about cereal. Can you remember when?

That's right. The CEO I interviewed mentioned he likes cereal.

I wrote questions the day before which included "What kind of cereal do you like?" Expecting a silly answer to put in as comedic relief. But in pure CEO style, Dennis Mortensen surprised me by launching into a detailed discussion of breakfast habits and cereal preferences.

Before I tell you about that, you need to hear one word and a quick rumor of a famous author.


Michael Crichton, the author of Jurassic Park and The Andromeda Strain among other famous science fiction novels before he died, had peculiar eating habits, it was rumored. His meals were tailored specifically for his nutrition and each and every day of meals was exactly the same. Same pasta, same salad, same drinks, same tea.

No. Variation.

Why? How long do you take to pick what you want to eat? Depending on the meal, probably up to 10 minutes, right?

How often does being sick, feeling drowsy, dizzy, foggy affect your thinking and your productivity?

If all that time, lost energy and lack of stability was focused into productivity, you would get so much more done. You would achieve your dreams! With a solid nutritional structure in place, your focus could be spent on much better things.

I was almost the nutritional adviser for a prominent entrepreneur in the area, but unfortunately could not close the sale. This is because in my turning point, when I examined my life and took inventory, I ended up using my wellness coach's mentorship to fix my own meals and bring myself back to health while I withdrew off my medication. It gave me the stability to bring myself to a healthy homeostasis and the discipline to move forward in life.

Crichton is one of the most famous and well-celebrated recent science-fiction authors. I loved his books, the two mentioned and several others, including Prey, a book about sentient nano-scale robot swarms who hijacked bodies and took over a research plant.

All because he had such focus.

Flash forward to Dennis, who specifically mentioned focus at one point in our conversation. He had just waltzed in from lunch at his nearby house, which for him was cereal. He orders about 30 boxes of cereal at a time from Amazon, of various flavors and types. I asked him why, and believe it or not, the answer was similar to what helped Michael Crichton, focus.

The convenience of pouring a bowl of cereal, some milk, and eating it allows Dennis to open up his life to more time and focus towards what matters to him. He raises a family, guides his AI startup towards stardom, and still has time in his life to reflect and go on walks.

The variety, without needing to change his habits allows him to explore different tastes while keeping his nutrition in sight.

His favorite cereal? GoLean. Why? It's tasty and healthy. And I don't blame him.

How can you get more focus in your life? What habits would you change?

Unchain yourselves and let your spirit free towards an abundant life, readers.