Here's why your feelings don't matter.


Ugh... I don't want to write this post.

What if you guys don't like it? What if I my friends read it and make fun of me? What if the jobs I'm applying to see this and somehow use it as a basis to reject me?

I don't feel like writing this post. I should just let it go. Bye guys.

Wait... I set out on a mission to create a self-improvement blog and to make money writing about what I love while helping you, my readers out. What would Cheetos be if Chester the cat said "I don't feel like being the mascot of this... I just want to play with yarn and eat catnip."

What would our country be if our founding fathers were like "nah... they can tax us. It's too much work to research timely political philosophers and draft a revolutionary declaration of independence. Let the Boston shipment of tea come in, we'll pay the taxes."

What would happen to my dream of becoming an online influencer, have fun inspiring you folks and making Youtube videos (I do that now!) if I listened to myself when I didn't feel like writing posts or going out and filming?

A whole load of nothing.

So guess what.

Do something, even if you don't feel like it.

Because you usually don't. Research (I have to back this up, I'll update this post with links) shows that your emotions FOLLOW your actions. If you take action, your emotions eventually catch up and allow you to continue the momentum. In fact, that's what emotions ARE! They are a conglomeration of our caveman prehistoric actions (protect the tribe from angry beasts, get food, stay strong,) our ancestors' motivations (in my case, protect ourselves from Hitler, escape and start a new life in America, learn to work in a new society and prosper) and your own actions and motivations (create a source of income I love, build up my hobbies, learn to maintain a supportive social circle, have fun in life.)

They are our brain on autopilot. If we stop making decisions, our emotions will take over. We may be propelled into the heights of fame and fortune. We may also be pushed into the depths of crime and despair. So we learn to make decisions, and after consistent action, we change the course of our emotions.

So yes, I don't FEEL like writing this post.

But you know what? I did it anyway, and you should take action too.