How do you start living the lifestyle you want?


This may sound like a (pardon my vulgarity) dick thing to say... But you just do it. Now for a lot of people who are looking to have a more free lifestyle but are running into blocks, it may be difficult. There may be steps you have to take in order to make yourself free enough to take that leap.

That said, I've found that outside of those who have free lifestyles and are looking to improve it, one of the #1 KILLERS of freedom-based lifestyles is:

The inability to take action.

"How do I get past this?"

It's simple.

Take action.

"Just do it." - Shiah Laboeuf

But take smart action. research enough to know what action to take and then take it.

Here's a simple fact. If you do not take action, nothing will happen.

A fellow motivator, Mel Robins, just released the book, The 5-second rule.

She preaches the idea of giving yourself 5 seconds. 5 seconds. That's IT! No more. If you have a though, pair it with an action within 5 seconds! If you do this, it's irrelevant what kind of motivation you have, how you feel, how nervous you are.

You'll build confidence. You'll build momentum. You'll achieve your dreams in whatever type they are!

With my own experience getting off my medication I realized if I didn't get off my medication soon, my brain will develop believing it needed medication. If I didn't take action RIGHT THEN, in researching my plan of action, I would be medication-bound my WHOLE LIFE! I didn't want that! I had panic attacks, sleep issues, odd ticks, which the medication worsened! I realized it was all under my control, so I researched others' experiences, researched my own history and developed a plan of action.

It was a dangerous path, and I would suggest to others to find a doctor willing to guide you through it. I could have inflicted severe brain damage on myself, altering my medication on my own. I recently got a clean bill of health all across the board, including neurologically, but I did gamble a bit part of my health, and I suggest you take more precautions than I had.

I now live a healthy, stable life with growing momentum and prosperity.

All thanks to taking action, like my fellow motivator Mel Robins preaches.

If you begin to take action, you'll see that traveling, dating, interviews, lifestyle changes all seem to come out of thin air! Because you take action. And you consistently create and manifest your own reality.

As Mel likes to say, "It's simple! I didn't say it was easy."

Take action now to free yourself!

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