Of soup and stone, a lifestyle post


Some say that lifestyle is a soup...

You need a great broth as a foundation, some cool, crunchy, savory veggies to flavor and excite the palate, and a presentation to make people want to eat it.

Some opt for the 20-cent bowl of ramen. Maybe it's convenient. Or they don't have the money for something better and don't know how to get it. It's fast, cheap, but not satisfying. Every bowl of the stuff makes you feel a little bit worse. You're stuck drinking salty broth, eating processed noodles with flavor that should be kept at McDonalds.

Some opt to seek out others to make their soup for them, asking others for ingredients, but not knowing how to cook, and not willing to learn to make it themselves. If (and usually when) others realize they aren't tending to their own Lifestyle Soup and leave, the owners end up frustrated, confused and helpless.

Some opt to learn to only rely on themselves to cook their soup, not trusting anyone else to touch their broth or keep their flavor ideas safe. They end up making many mistakes. While they end up becoming super independent, they have trouble relating to others and eating their soup in a group setting. In the end, while their soup is made independently, they won't have quality near those who balance independent experiment with learning from others.

This last group does that. The resourceful soup chefs... They read cookbooks, make mistakes but ask for advice. They call up Gordon Ramsey, knowing he'll probably give their ear a good yell, but know they'll learn and ask him anyway: "Hey, how do you make a soup?" They are open to coaching, but eager to learn for themselves too. Sometimes independent, sometimes seeking help from mentors, they end up making the best soup, with perfectly diced mushrooms, and grilled chicken cubes in a spicy, tantalizing cajun broth.

Or beautifully boiled soba noodles, with a hardboiled egg soaked in pork juices, with seaweed and miso soup broth, inspired by chefs well-versed in Japanese ramen tradition.  Whatever type of soup this last group wishes to build, they will succeed at. They have the support, they have the means, and they have the determination and resourcefulness to achieve this.

This is the way I hear successful people speak of "the good life."

This is the way I hear successful people speak of "the good life." I listen each day to a series of talks from Tai Lopez regarding "the good life," speaking of sculpting your ideal life. Spoken from perspectives of health, wealth, love and happiness sculpted out of a metaphorical stone. You create the sculpture of your life. You are the sculptor, with all the tools, faced with the project of completing your life's figure.

Will you put the tools down and let the world batter and shape your stone? Will you attempt to hack at your stone on your own, learning from your own failures but not asking for help? Will you wreck your stone whenever you accidentally chip off too much, or break a tool because it's not perfect? Will you seek advice from well-versed sculptors and entrust them with your life-stone, working together to create a good life?

I interview successful people for this blog so that you can see how they've sculpted their lives.

I interview successful people for this blog so that you can see how they've sculpted their lives. And ideally, you can become inspired, reach out to them, and learn more about how to sculpt your stone. I have goals for this blog. I am committed for the long term. Ideally this is my main breadwinner for my life, my baby I intend to build up and give back to the world as I do my own things elsewhere.

I want to help you sculpt your life, as I sculpt mine. To illuminate the soup-making and life-rock-sculpting pitfalls as I make mistakes, soliciting guides for us all who are further along in their rock-carving life journey.

Stay tuned for some cool interviews coming up! I have two recorded I am writing supporting editorial posts for, and another 4+ scheduled on my calendar. I hope they help you move further! And I hope they help you to...

...Unchain Yourselves and live life on your own terms.

Feel free to reach out to me at joe@thespotofjoe.com for any blog suggestions, interview suggestions etc. I am open to hearing what you'd like to see.