On the Road Again - Becoming Jack Kerouac: Part I

Leaving my apartment yesterday morning, I sang the opening tunes to a favorite song of mine, "On the road again."

The last time I was in this position I felt free. I felt the world was presented anew. It was mine to explore!

That feeling of impending excitement rushed back yesterday. I felt free again, able to grow naturally, organically, into whatever the world threw at me!

But first thing is first. After I dropped off the last of my laundry, I went for food. Nirvani's Kitchen, in New Brunswick, down the street from the room I just moved out of, gives an amazing lunch buffet. Chicken Makhani, Samosa Chaat, and some amazing butter Naan almost shoveled themselves into my mouth, I was so hungry.

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After chatting with the waiter (we've been casually chatting the last 4 times I've been there) he brings in this dessert. It is a brown, sweet cheese ball. I was surprised to hear it was made of cheese. I was under the impression it was a light, sweet pastry bread.

Alas, I was corrected. The ball was as sweet as I remember, decadent and warm. A perfect start to my two months of travel.

I stopped by one of my favorite coffee places, Hidden Grounds, to bid my friend Anand goodbye. He started up Hidden Grounds with his business partner a few years ago, and has helped me out with a few projects of mine. We have passionate conversations often and I love the light he brings into the room.

New York City was next, with my two bags of luggage trailing behind me like shackles (today, my Aunt and I are going to Target to buy better luggage, easier to move around.) As I boarded the train, I lugged the bags on, with my longboard and checked out logistics for the flight to Colombia.

Chatting with the group next to me, I found that Phish, a jammy band, was sounded out that night at Madison Square Garden. I went on my computer and found a flight which worked for me.

I received an order for 35 $2 bills (a side-business I started on www.TwoDollarBillShop.com for some extra money) so I went off to my supplier to pick some up. I was pleasantly surprised!

The Spot of Joe New York City NYC Travel Self Awareness Passion

They were all sequential... Which means they were never circulated! My supplier tries but can't always guarantee this. The buyer will be pleasantly surprised.

So I met up with my family at Pennsy. I had assumed this place was a nice diner for all the times I had walked past it, however entering I realized it was a quirky interesting food court.

So I had a seitan burger with spicy mayo and other interesting toppings. The "Big Bang" burger they called it.

The rest of the evening included Belgian waffles, nuts from a place which I first thought was a gay porn vendor, and windows from a famous department store. And the realization that I had left my laundry in Jersey.

My next post will fill in the details and describe a movie which brought tears to my eyes. I'll introduce you to some of my family as well.

Stay tuned on my NYC-leg-of-my trip & Unchain Yourselves™ to live life on your own terms, subscribers!

In the comments below, which place would you travel today if you had no obligations and money was no issue?