Putting the CAN in Canada - First Guest Post from Alexandra!


Editor's Introduction:

I met Alexandra in one of my earlier posts, you'll see her on the right in the first photo (Seen here: Earlier Blog Post) and reached out to her for a travel story for our blog. She is one of the most energetic and happy people I've ever met. She loves walking around in a white tiger onesie when she is working at a hackathon, and I totally support her in her tigery aspirations. She asked me to include the photos she took on this page: Flikr Photos! (Psst. I'm in one of them)

Here is her story about her experience working with WearHacks!

Backstory - WearHacks: Global Initiative for hardware hackathons.

We have had hackathons in Toronto (duh), Montreal, New York City (where I met Joe!), LA, Paris and upcoming in many more cities. I am the Vice President of the parent company, Stark Collective, and creator of our Ambassador/Chapter Program and overall white-tiger feelings.

WearHacks originated in Montreal, where I [live] now, but I will always be a Toronto lady. Toronto, Toronto, Chorrono. How I love thee. Traveling back from New York, LA, and even Paris- you will always feel like home to me.

Traveling means I can see the difference in culture and understands per region. For example, when moving myself and my co-workers from NYC and LA in under a month, its not hard to spot the difference. NYC is what I always dreamed of as a lifestyle- the HighLine is amazing, theres always have something to do and the people are tough. LA, on the other hand, was the  p e r f e c t  vacation- beaches, laid back, no one closes their doors because outside and inside are the same thing and the [M]exican food (my absolute fav) is to die for. People aren’t as tough but the humans in LA are far too good looking, so it balances it out.

What does traveling to all these cities mean to me? Well first, it means my job is freakin’ awesome, I get to go to places for 3-4 days and just see what creative, hack-y and all around cool stuff the locals can come up with, it also made me realize how much I take Toronto for granted.

That is just a small example of differences from city to city, a much more bolder one would be the difference in Canadian cities and American cities. NYC + Toronto have a lot in common, both the main cities and the heart of multiculturalism for their country and consist of unending busybodies who have to be somewhere right now. Biggest difference? Toronto has bagged milk [editor's note - YES! IT IS SO WEIRD AND AWESOME!] and New York has more Chipotle- kidding. The biggest difference is really the overall attitude of the city-dwellers. On the surface, pretty much the same but as I spent a little more time walking the streets of NYC, the difference in body language and general openness to strangers was not there. Mind you, if I was in the onesie all barriers came down instantly, but as a regular person walking down the street, Toronto wins for friendliness.  #justintrudeau

And that was our first guest post! Refreshing, ain't it? You can check out Wearhacks and all their future events here, at http://www.wearhacks.com/