On the Road to Becoming UNCHAINED

What do you mean becoming unchained Joe? Why is it in ALL CAPS? (4th wall break, it's to get you to click on this here article!)

I was thinking, ChocolateChipCookieJoe.com, the previous domain and name of this blog, was too much about "Look at me! I'm cool! I want to travel and share it with everyone!" and not enough"Travel is cool, if you want to travel, it's possible. Go do it nao!"

See the difference?

People that know me in person know that I like to experiment with social situations, think outside of the box, and never settle on a mediocre life. Thus the process of becoming "Unchained."

Most of my life I have moved from house to house, and for several years in early college life, when people would ask me where I'm from I'd reply... "That's a long story, see I was born in... Moved to... ... ..."

And I was broken up about it for a while. Some early posts that may or may not be available on this blog show me struggling with coming to terms with my past, a past I would wish on nobody.

But after much pain and deliberation I came to a realization that there is a positive in this. I am Unchained. I live without a cornucopia of attachments. I realize that life, relationships, and residences are fleeting, and that enjoyment must be found in the moment, a realization that in my case took much pain and suffering to solidify.

So I've found a way to put this to good use! I love traveling. I've traveled a moderate amount. To much of the west and east coasts of America, and to four countries around the world. But I want to make this into more. I want to make this into a lifestyle.

Traveling, exploring different ways of living (relationship styles, work setups, living arrangements.) I want to become truly unchained and explore as much as I can!

And YOU are along for the ride! Lucky you!

From some famous quotester, "The hardest part of the journey is taking the first step."This is where I will inspire you. Funnel it there.

~Joe B