To Cali or Bust - Part V: New Year's Nostalgia + Blog Update

Hey Readers! I've been traveling a bit and I'm actually in Florida now. I've been thinking about the direction of my blog and how often I want to write and I'm going to put up posts once a week. There will be a follow button soon so it's easier to follow my blog. Message me your adventures so I can post them up here once we get 100 followers.

Posting less often will help me post more quality things too. It'll be a win-win.

I got to Davis late New Year's Eve and went to a bar with an old friend of mine we'll call Brett. The bar, if you've ever been to an Irish Pub, had as much wood as a gay orgy. It was all decked in wood, and that's not even the coolest part. There were couches in the back. Yeah, a small lounge with a bookshelf and some games.

Brett was going up to Humboldt state for a while, and he's taking a break right now focusing on working for a local pastry shop. Why pastry? I don't know but it's enjoyable for him, so I support it. I feel like he's working under his potential. Brett has always been a hands-on guy. He enjoys working with his hands so I get the appeal it has for him.

We call up another friend of mine, we'll call this one Drew. Drew has always been a smart cookie. He was tinkering with electronics when we were younger and he's been successful after college in Colorado. He was hired at Microsoft in Seattle.

We went off to a house party later where I saw a bunch of old friends. It was a New Years of turning back to those middle school jerks you realize you were actually really close to.

Here's some other shots from Davis exemplifying the coolness. I love my hometown. It's unique and unapologetically hippie.

My next post, you'll meet my best bro from my childhood. The friend you're close to but you still hate each other, and then you realize it was just because you were so close. It was way too long. Also I met a small business owner where I got some extra jeans at La Bohème, a used clothing store named Yelena. You'll get to meet her too. Hover over the photos for the captions.

Comment below or email what you did on New Years. I'll put the best ones on the 100 follower post!