To Cali or Bust - Part I: My Trip So Far

So I landed, got home, and went to sleep after a long day. My computer had gone all the way to Portland and my bags were not here yet. My house was just as I had left it, with a few minor changes since 5 years I left for College on the East Coast 5 years ago. But I'll back up a bit to introduce this guy:


Donald was in line when I was asking around about my flight, which had to be rescheduled since mine was LATE! He was with his wife and daughter, coming from Hawaii. Now ,I have never visited Hawaii, so I was curious and I asked him about the area. I'll recreate the scene.

"Hey, do you mind saving my space? I'm hungry and this line seems very long." I asked this mustachioed man in the customer service line.

"Sure bud."

So I got a nut bar and came back to the line to chat. I found out Donald was named Donald, and that he was from Hawaii. I had heard from a high school friend that there was a phenomenon called "Island Time" where people would do what they wanted when they wanted to do it, without regard for societal structures. A leisurely way of life, going through life at your own pace. But Donald hadn't encountered this.

According to Donald, the weather is warm and breezy, but the breeze is gentle and cool. It caresses the skin. Government buildings in Honolulu are open-air as is much of Hawaii to take advantage of the nice weather.

He talked very calmly and generated a peace around him. An air of calm. His voice was somewhat hypnotic and he did not hurry with his words, but spoke them plainly as if he was letting out a constant flow of thought, carefully considering the notes that exited his lips. Valuing the moment and what he was contributing to it.

Once I got my new tickets, I went over to my gate, noticed my computer was missing and met up with Tolia who was also there, event seen in my previous post.

And off to Fresno I went! After flirting with a girl on the next plane (it's really fun to do that by the way) and getting a free chocolate bar in exchange for a high-five by kindly asking (you never know until you try!) I landed in Fresno, without my bags of course and went off home to sleep.

It is so nice being back here, things are very familiar. It's just how it was before, with notable upgrades but I feel at home, even with the 5 years since I went to college on the east coast.

The next day I had some family time with my mom, we went over to an antique store and guess what I found?

I found aftershave!

Aftershave, you ask? Really?

Yes, those things there are classic, circa 1970, worth about $300 for a complete mint chess set, and about $8 for the Jaguar decanter with the box. I bagged the one pictured below, a 1958 Chevy and have used it while shaving this trip.


The scent is a classic aftershave, reminiscent of modern-day Brut.

Downtown in the suburb where I'm staying there exist many antique stores, a couple barbecues and some mom-and-pop shops. It's quaint and quiet. I like the coziness but I can't wait until we go to San Francisco tomorrow. I planned this trip, and I'm eager to eat at this garlic-based restaurant, the Stinky Rose. Of course I'll update you on that, and I'll bring some Altoids to balance out my mouth.

But before I give you tomorrow, I'll give you part two of the trip so far, including these two interesting people I met at a bar in Fresno since I needed to get out.