Mike's Foray into MEXICO

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Editor's Note: I met Mike at an open mic night near the place I'm renting. He told some jokes about his life and he gave off the vibe of having traveled before. So I approached him afterwards, pitched this blog, and asked him to contribute.
Lo and behold, he emails me with this story the very next day. I've edited it, and approved the edits with him to match the mission of the blog, to inspire people to travel where they wish to travel!
One priceless takeaway of this trip is the self-reflection Mike encountered. It was the last time he had enjoyed getting drunk and high, as he started on his rehab journey after coming back. See the adventures Mike encountered in Mexico!

Cabo San Lucas Mexico Spring of 2015.

So it was to be my father, my sister, and myself to go to Cabo San Lucas Mexico for spring break. My brother was in high school at the time so he could not go. Now my sister and myself are very close, there are no secrets between us. At the time me and my father had a strained relationship, in a strange way this trip to Mexico was the start of the wonderful relationship we have today.


So I get off the plane in sunny Mexico and immediately have a smile on my face. I start to have small interactions here and there with airport employees to begin I practice my very broken Spanish, but between me and my sister we got around perfectly fine. As I walk through the airport I see a wide range of people, old couples , young couples, frat kids, vacationing families, and Mexican citizens who seem to either been returning home or visiting family. Right outside the airport there was a bar, and my mind immediately starts racing. That night we go out to dinner and I get loaded drunk with my sister. It was all in good fun. The next day my sister and I go to the beach for a little, and than decide to hit the town. She wanted to score some weed, and I was down. We walked in and out of little bodegas looking at touristy nick nacs, when we stumbled into this jewelry store. The guy was extremely friendly (a good salesmen) and it wasn't long before he was asking us what it is we actually wanted. We settled for a Q and went on our way. We than proceeded to stop at the bar have a few drinks, and talk for a little bit. Then we headed to the roof.

This was the hangout spot for rest of the trip. 

Adventure Sports


We went on two very fun adventure trips.

One was ziplining, 

which was very extreme. My father only made it past the first few zips before be walked back to base camp. There was not much I can really say about this to do this justice other than to say I am a speed junkie and this was a quite thrilling experience, and I would recommend it highly to anyone seeking a thrill.

We also went on an ATV trip

which was awesome. Our guide's name was Renè you can look him up on trip advisor he was the fucking man. I have been riding ATVs and dirtbikes since I was old enough to swear, and this was a fucking awesome ride.

We drove up the side of mountains on thin dirt roads teetering on the edges of a 100ft drop off. We also visited an extremely rural Mexican village and stopped there to get some soda and chips. It was so amazing. We than went exploring some trails which where tremendously gorgeous.

And the last story I will share was what my sister considers the climax of the trip.

My Dad decided that we should go snorkeling, so he signed us up for a boat ride. Which was actually extremely shitty snorkeling, but free drinks, basically a booze cruise. So needless to say by time we got the boat where it was going and docked I was tight as ever, I was talking to everyone and sloppy as all hell. Once we parked the boat I convinced the guide to let me dive off the top of the boat. It took a lot of convincing but he eventually said ok. The dive was probably about a 6 foot gap and you had to clear a metal wire, and metal fence posts on the side of the boat. I ran, I jumped, and I made it. My sister followed suit right after and we were so pumped.

I had a few more drinks and went for it again.

I ran, I stopped, I jumped. And I fell right onto one of the fence posts and flopped into the water. I surfaced to a sea of gasps. I immediately threw a thumbs up, and smiled, saying I was ok, I was ok. I looked to see the guide turn his head and pretend like he saw nothing. I got onto the boat with my sister and my dad laughing at me, and continuing to make fun of me even to this day. I had a softball sized black and blue for a few weeks, and still feel sharp pain in the area when I run, or even walk for to long.

A constant reminder of why I no longer drink.

~Mike Scocco, Guest Blogger