Meet Emily Deadpool


Or Emily with a similar sounding last name. I'll introduce you. This is her, the gal down below. She's a doll with an attitude. Like if you took your barbie and left it in your hot car and took it out and it could speak. That kind of thing.

But she can also be fun and sweet and awesome! She plays Tuba with Rutgers Marching band and goes to Drum Corps in the summers. She's a lean mean tuba machine! And she lives in my dorm.


I don't want to say too much too soon, but for now you'll know her as my travel companion. Three things you need to know about her:

She loves pillows

She's a mean crafter, she sews, knits and pains among other things

And she's snarky, hence the "barbie with attitude sentence"

Wait, no, four. - She's my squishy.


So now if you see her in photos you won't be like "who's that cute girl in that pic?" You'll be like "that's that cute girl in that pic!"