Connecticut Trip - Part I: Launching into AirBnB Travelling


I've wanted to travel. I've wanted to travel for a while now. Unfortunately my muses up there in cloud city decided that it was right for me to study, study, study, so guess what I did instead? I went to Connecticut, reserved an AirBnB and studied. I'm actually here right now! It's in Bridgeport, which is just about as grungy as New Brunswick, and apparently as dangerous, considering there are 4 extra locks on the door


So I traveled about two hours, listening to the Sex with Emily podcast, an amazing listen by the way, I'm fine to give her some free advertisement, and arrived at The Adventure Zone. This place is a rope's course about 30-50 feet up in the trees, really fun, and unfortunately only open during the Spring. So I have a place to visit now.

As I was sitting in the car, confirming my AirBnB, I hear a knock on my window. A bit burly policeman is staring through the window, looking at me. I step out, he checks my pockets as I explain that I'm just here for some time away from campus to study and destress. As he checked my card, I got into a conversation with the other officer about the area, which was a touchy area towards outsiders I could tell since the woman at the desk called the police on me.

I'm here now in this cozy studio apartment a bit further in another town who's name escapes me. It's nice. It's cozy. I like the idea of studying in a new place, and going somewhere just because. I tried to ask a friend here, but he couldn't make it. Next time I'll be a little less spontaneous so I can bring a friend. Perhaps 48 hours would work better. For now I have a nice night ahead of me, calm, cozy.