It's never too early.


Period. I got off Skype yesterday with a soon-to-be-millionaire entrepreneur. He lives in Berlin, Germany. He created a company, Teaching Hero, which sells tablets to computers to enhance their education.

You can hear the whole interview on Leon's SoundCloud channel. Click here!

He has studied in the US and in China, won a competitive German competition by finding a way to clock the year your hair will turn grey using Electron Microscopy.

He was offered a PhD but turned it down due to time constraints.

He is still in High School.

I bet you just did a double take right there.

I bet you just reread that sentence a few times.

What? You ask...

Yes. Leon Chaudhari is still in high school, making a good amount of money doing what he loves - helping education - without a college degree, and still basically in diapers (sorry Leon, I've gotta put a joke in here. You have one token to use on me.)

So I tell you, my friends, my readers, my followers, my mentors, family... Secret Admirers... Stalkers... Milkmen... Whoever is reading this...

It is never too late.

Jackie Chan created his career in his 30s. George Clooney gained a major role in short-lived TV series when he was 27. Martha Stewart made it big in her late 30s. Obama jumped up in success when he was 43.

If you have dreams, the first step is to take a step. The second step is to keep moving. The third is to never stop moving.

It's never too early. Stephen Wolfram, founder of Wolfram Technologies published his first scientific paper at 15, and received his first PhD (in Theoretical Physics) at 20.

And Leon received the offer for his PhD at 17, built his first 7-figure business as 18, and is on his way to build his second at 19!

It's never too late. It is only now, and now is the only moment you can take action. So take it!

I built this blog a year and a half ago as a diary. I soon realized most people don't take ACTION on their desires, on their passions.

And it's not because they have a flaw! No! It's because they  feel CHAINED.

CHAINED to their habits. CHAINED to their emotions. CHAINED to their medicine. CHAINED to their neurosis. CHAINED to failure...

Yes. Chained to failure.

Failure is safe. It's comfortable.

Success is scary.

Until you realize it's not.


If you've read this far it means you're ready to Unchain Yourself™... From yourself.

So listen to the interview. At this point, I am doing everything I can in order to NORMALIZE success. These amazing entrepreneurs are NOT ABNORMAL! These amazing entrepreneurs I speak of and share their knowledge with you are NOT SUPERNATURAL!

They are normal people, like you and me. They have motivations, they have desires, passions, heartbreaks, setbacks, philosophies.

And I have taken upon myself the job to teach you, and to teach myself in the process, they are all people.

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