Throwback to my Best Friend

Oh man, Florida was awesome! From catching up with my boffer friends, to starting mixology to sleeping over with a couple of my best buds, I thoroughly enjoyed visiting. Back in California near the end of the trip, I met up with an old friend of mine, we'll call him Kris. I love this dude. We met in 4th grade in Mrs. Tillman's class. I remember the day clearly.

And I hadn't seen him since 9th grade when I visited from my high school far away. This fucker and I had a life of awesomeness. We had our rebellious times, not suited to out myself with on the public internet, and our fights. And our fun times. Then a falling out with high school, when testosterone kicked in and punched us in the jaw.

But I love this dude. We met up at a coffee shop in town and I immediately knew who this guy was. Kris, with his snazzy style and long wavy hair (not unlike mine actually, we were peas of a pod.)

We walked the wonders of Davis, towards downtown, through the streets, and into the campus of UC Davis. We chatted, got a coffee, although I got a Chai because I'm awesome, and caught up. Kris had gone through some intense rehab experiences and is deep into recovery. He had some time in LA with a record company producing beats. Now he's up near Davis in recovery from all the drugs he got into in his younger years.

He was wiser. I could tell. He wasn't as wild as I remember him. He wasn't as energetic. He was calmer, and spoke more intelligently as if he'd gotten older. More mature. I respected him for it. But he had that unmistakable smirk or a smile, that humor and that swagger I remember in old Kris.

It was so good to catch up with that dude.

Next post I'll tell you about Yelena, the owner of Boheme, a clothing shop in Davis and my trip to Florida! It'll come out next Wednesday, which will be the new release date for regular blog posts!

Stay tuned! And follow the site!