Hello Again, Buttsex in Canada!

Did I get your attention yet? Good. I meant to. It's been a while, Cookie Monsters! College gets in the way of traveling and blogging but I'll give you an update on my life now that it's Spring Break!

I have been going through some positive changes! My major has changed, I now work on art and design rather than numbers and code with comp sci. I am so much happier and I have a vision for my future in mind! One I am attached to rather than mildly interested in.


As for travels, it's Spring Break and Canada is on my list. Maple syrup, bacon, snow, they're all going to be uploaded here! Apparently they have bagged milk too! All will be told on Wednesday when Emily, the girl I'm traveling with, and I make a post. We're staying at an AirBnB and I may be meeting a friend.

To be more specific, we're staying in Toronto. Do you know the only valid movie to watch on the way? Scott Pilgrim versus the World of course!


Casa Loma, the castle in the movie where Chris Hemsworth's character had the battle scene will be one stop. Bagged milk, another. And Emily, the girl I'm going with wants to get some desserts and go on a bar crawl (19 year old drinking age everyone!) so we're going to live it up! I'll give you some posts after the trip and perhaps I'll even write during. We'll see ;)