First Road Trip for the Blog! Here are the Deets...


I posted many travels on Project Unchained. From San Francisco, to Davis, to Toronto. however all of those trips were taken for reasons other than the blog.

*Cue dramatic music and graphic, high-contrast, lighting effects*

In Mid August, I, your leader into becoming unchained, will be taking a road trip around the South-Eastern United States to gather photos, posts, content galore for our blog! *intense music fades, inspirational fanfare plays in the background* I'll travel to gather photos to inspire you, dear readers, to look for your motivation to travel where you want, when you want!

I want you to live life on your own terms, like I have begun to do with mine. This is the whole premise behind the blog! The mindset that you can do what you like with your life and still fulfill your responsibilities!

To prove it, I am traveling with little more than gas money, bringing most of my food from home, taking a road trip in my car, and couch surfing my way around the US.

Silly me, I haven't told you where to expect posts from! I'm going to travel to Raleigh and check out North Carolina. In the past I've only driven through it. Orlando is my next stop, stopping by my cousin's place to innertube in a river.

The pi├Ęce de resistance is New Orleans! Cajun food all up in my gullet! A week of crawdads and barbecue awesomeness. Going down by the bayou, swimmin' in the swamps. (I'll let you know if people actually say that when I get there.) My potential couch surf guy likes to show people around the city and throw house parties which have gotten 3 people to move to Louisiana. Needless to say, I am excited and so should you! Because you are going to profit from it, with dreams of places to go, tips on taking a road trip, and the future posts of how to turn those dreams into a reality!

Among the places on the way back are Cincinnati and Hershey, PA. My original hometown before I lived in Cali, I must say hi to it :3

I've left one more bombshell city out along the trip, so you will have to read and find out when I get there!

Stay unchained, folks! And if you are still locked to your dastardly routine, Unchain Yourself!

~Joe Buchoff