Experiences to remember in NYC - Becoming Jack Kerouac: Part II

Each city has its memorable stuff, NYC is no exception! Before I stayed around the city, I expected it to feel a bit like Manhattan does. Little did I know, New York has much more to offer.

Ugh that sounded so cliché.

But it's true.

It is January 16th. I have been here for 13 nights and have stayed in 5 boroughs of NYC, in 5 homes and a hostel so far.

Sneak peek: Harlem is totally safe, from my  7 days staying there. Not entirely foolproof evidence, but from my own safety, I can say the media gets it wrong. It may have been troublesome in the past, but currently the are gets the first EVER Project Unchained Gold Star for Safety.

I have decided (just now) that I am giving this type of award to places I've visited who have the reputation of being less than stellar in safety, but have been proven wrong by my experience.

One thing I like to tell anyone who's like "Wow, Joe, you're really cool you do all these things!" is "nah." It's super easy. I'll get into some more of my experiences in NYC after I write this and every single one is easy and doable with very little to no money. I am not special. I just made it my priority to travel, and if you do too, you can have similar experiences!

I am including a sentence especially for you about how I planned this specific experience so you can do so yourself if you like.


  • I met this dude
    • Eric Abroad - He does his own travel vlog
    • It was a 30-second meeting at the Turtle Pond in Central Park
    • I asked him to do a little video, and he did! It's that easy
    • Keep your eyes open and talk to people who seem cool


A week before I left for New York, I see in my Facebook feed "No Pants Subway Ride!" I had heard about this for a few years, and have had it in the back of my mind "I should go to this!"

So I did, and boy did I have a blast! I volunteered to organize Car 4 of the N train from the World Trade Center to 63rd Street. Taking my pants off, I felt both free and mischevious *twirls moustache*

I stepped out on the platform, and was almost immediately approached by a woman who asked me "Why are you all taking off your pants?"

Almost as if on cue, I told her "I just forgot them at home."

She leans in closer "I know what you're doing. I see all the other folks doing it..."

"Oh. It must be a coincidence."

She left with such a confused look on her face! I never felt so deviously happy in my life.

The party at Bar 51 was amazing. Not only was nobody allowed to wear pants, but they brought in a thong pinata with dumdums... And I met Mike Hot Pence!

To find events in your travel destination like this:

  • Search Facebook Events for things happening around the area. I RSVPed for this a week before I left
  • The Couch Surfing app (Google Play, Apple App Store) has events listed on its page, and you can request to hang out with other travelers! I recommend this app even for people not interested in actually couch surfing

In the next Becoming Jack Kerouac Post, I talk about CouchSurfing nude! The safety surrounding it and the nudist couch surfing culture in NYC.

Unchain Yourselves™ and live life on your own terms!