Emulating Jack Kerouac - Part III: Palm Trees

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So I found another ThinkGeek store. If you're looking for the best Hogwarts or Post-Apocalyptic goods, look no further, for Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh has all your needs covered!

I was waiting to get a charger for my phone when I stumbled upon the ThinkGeek store inside the mall. Of course I took photos with Captain America, and chatted with the manager who told me about a joker bust he was getting in the mail soon.

If you're a geek, or you think like one, you need to go to one of the ThinkGeek stores.

At the end of my last post, I mentioned a pool party. CouchSurfing.com holds events, and my host meet several other couchsurfers and subsequently became friends with them. We went off to a house party at Ben Couchsurfing's (his name in my phone) apartment complex.

This is one of the joys of travel, which brings me to a group of tips which comes naturally to most who travel:

  • Talk to people
  • Get numbers from people
  • A kind face when traveling is most often friendly, let go and have fun with people you may not see again!

In general, socialize!

Then I traveled down to Orlando and met my cousin, Michael.

His last name is suspiciously similar to mine, if not the same. He's a software engineer and a huge geek. We tried out Crossfit, and innertubed down a river 2 hours away before I drove off into the sunset. I took the liberty of crappily editing some GoPro footage of the trip, check it out here!

The next post will involve a long nap, some sparks, and NOLA magic. Stay tuned!