Emulating Jack Kerouac - Part II: It's Really Raleigh


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I was Really in Raleigh,"I'm Really Rosie" by Carol King. My inner 5 year old is shivering inside. That song and the animation style creeped me out when I was a kid.

But I digress. While on the road I found some tips for staying awake and passing the time. I shall share them here:

  • If you're tired, pull over to a gas station or rest stop and take a 20 minute power nap
    • Be advised, the side of the interstate is a no-stop zone. The police will come and tell you to get on your damn way
    • Once you've slept for a bit, get out of the car and run around a bit. Do some pushups, and help an old lady cross the road...
      • It'll wake you up without that caffeine buzz and keep you safe and healthy
      • Bring some nuts and fruit.
        • Going to new food chains in new places is great, but to save time when you just need a bite, having healthy snacks on hand is a great way to stay satiated and energized
        • Download some podcasts
          • Self-explanatory

So 8 hours later, I get to Raleigh, at 11 PM. I shower, sleep and the next day I go exploring. Nearby, the North Carolina fairgrounds are being put together, and I galavant around, exploring a cool amphitheater and a chair lift some foremen are building for the fair.

I continue driving, my phone set to French so I can practice ("Tournez à gauche dans 100 pieds...") and I realize that the people around Raleigh are very kind and approachable. I had to get a charger for my phone and I asked where the TMobile store was at a gas station and I immediately got some well-informed and caring answers.

Next came the North Carolina Art Museum, where I took several pictures. Sculptures from ancient Greece coupled with a French sculptor by the name of Rodin made up some of the most interesting pieces I've seen. For once in my life, I stood next to the art and gazed at it for quite some time. Rodin's work, in blackened bronze, was based on the expressiveness of the body, the inner turmoil, or passion, or essence of movement, which I found beautiful.


A nearby pair of Italian paintings, from Gandolfi, based on the story of Jupiter, IO, Mercury and Argus caught my eye. Apparently, Jupiter was fooling around behind his wife Juno's back with IO. Suspicious, Juno peeked around, and Jupiter turned IO into a heifer to hide her. Juno saw her and was like "Cow! Gimme, gimme Jupiter!" And Jupiter was like, "... sure." And gave the cow to her under the protection of Hundred-Eyed giant, Argus (I know where J.K. Rowling came up with "Argus Filch" now.)

Then, yearning for his young love, Jupiter sent Mercury to kill Argus and bring IO back, depicted in these two amazing paintings, entitled "Mercury lulling Argus to sleep," and "Mercury about to Behead Argus." I met a woman looking at the same painting and spoke to her about the difference in the hilt of the sword between the two paintings, which we concluded was due to the different sides of the sword. Jaquie was traveling with her daughter, another soul who had lived in several places, Nova Scotia among her homes. The people you meet while traveling can bring such interesting stories into your life.

Tip #1 While Traveling:

Talk to the people around you

And with that I leave you to ponder where you want to travel. In the next posts, I will speak about a new geeky store I came across in Raleigh, a pool party, and a goofy guy with a similar last name as mine.

#UnchainYourselves, readers!