Difference between settling and accepting

There is a significant mindset out there to accept the world around you as it is, without conditions. Where does this lie in the goal-setting mindset? If we accept the world as it is, are we settling for what we have and not striving for more?

Yes and no.

Yes, we are letting go of some of our drive to be whole. We are lessening our hunger to be filled with our achievement, or wealth if our goal is to fill our holes with gold, hookers and Teslas.


Our drive will diminish, because we realize we are whole without our achievements. Past all the fuzzy, soft meaning behind those words, we are whole beings. We don't need flashy things to feel good about ourselves once we've realized we're whole already.

However we begin to seek these things for different reasons. We seek material wealth to add to our life, rather than as expensive wood-filler for our cracks. Relationships are harmonic, rather than passive-aggressive, controlling and toxic. No longer are you calling up your ex to bang so you both feel better, less hurt and more numb, but you call her up because you will feel happier if you two talked.

This is true power. Understanding that with or without external wealth in our lives, we are wealthy as we are. Our joy from moment to moment enables us to work longer, react adaptively, and build stable success. We aren't dependent on external factors for our abundance in this state, like the smiling homeless dude down the street, who despite having nothing, enjoys each moment.

I'm not saying be homeless. I'm not saying don't stick up for yourself. I am saying it's up to you to be happy, not your nice car.

But if you're happy with or without it... get that car ;)