Delaware or BUST! Two Friends Play Hookie

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That is, if we were still in high school. A month or so ago, I proposed a road trip to a friend, Chris, who runs the Entrepreneurial blog Ideas That are Not Good (I made his logo, I own him,) after my breakup. I was in the mood to explore, find myself, and move on, and travel was the perfect start to that. After a period of convincing, we decided to go to Delaware. Why Delaware? Just like my Yale trip: because fuck it, why not? We found Rehoboth Beach, and checked out the couch surfing site there. A guy with a really quirky name, let's call him the equally quirky Trezvop (his real name has the same quirkiness,) agreed to have us at his place, and we set off.

After a meaningful stop at Cracker Barrel, where Chris and I got into a rocking chair checkers stalemate and I stuffed myself with biscuits and gravy - oh the glory! - we continued on our way, knowing in my heart that I would have won if we stayed there. Chris, if you're reading this, round two will be chess over Facebook messenger!

Link to Checkers Video - Opens in new tab

And we parked, rain dripping down the car, the street all slick with rain. Luckily I got an umbrella the day before at Propeller Fest (check out my previous post) right next to a cute girl getting into her car after getting a Dunkin Donuts application.

Chris and I talk to her and convince her to spend some time with us at the bookstore nearby, and we're off galavanting with a cute local girl, who turned out to be local only for the summer. She was into business and was excited about being there on her own. As a freshman in U Virginia, it could have been her first time away since college.

the spot of joe travel passion

Main street had attractive storefronts, galleries, but mostly bars and restaurants. However one specific store stood out to me, Bella Luna, where we met David, a quirky craft store aficionado. David spoke to us about relationships as an energetic balance. Moonlighting as a Yoga teacher nearby, his explanation involved diagrams, talk of metaphysics, and the explanation that a union of two close souls who are both the priority in each others' lives is "energetically unsustainable." Coming from California - where this type of talk is normal, and having read many New Age books in high school, it was refreshing to see this type of explanation! I felt at home and I got a business card for my craft business I'm starting. He'll be a good resource for answers.

Since Trez hadn't gotten back to us, Chris had the wonderful idea of Facebook-stalking him to find out where he worked and to go see him in person. Maraculously, this didn't freak him out and he seemed to appreciate the communication. It's a good example of our host's easy-goingness. His affect was very much a go-with-the-flow type party guy.

We went to a bar next, with beer names such as "Namaste" (a very wheaty ale I enjoyed) and "Punkin Ale." I danced with Kelsey, a really cute girl I met at the bar, to some live music by New Madrid, an indie metal band, and we were off to Trez's friend's place for a house party. I'm glad Chris got to go with me. It was a blast I wanted to share. Hopefully we'll be travelling more together this summer!

The rest I'll leave up to your curious imaginations after I leave you with this moral: Do you want to travel? Do it. Nothing but yourself is holding you back. We paid only gas and food, and I know a guy who biked across the whole USA on a bicycle. There's always a way!