Craft Chronicles - Part I: Punky Flea Market

Yesterday, on the way back from New Hope, I stumbled across something really cool. A flyer for a craft event I've wanted to attend for a long time, The Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market.

Crafting is a passion of mine, see my previous posts!

I had made several posts earlier this year, and visited two craft fairs also in Jersey. With this trip, I am creating a new series of posts, starting off the Craft Chronicles!

the spot of joe unearth your passion

If you're in Jersey for any extended period of time in October, April or August, check them out here. It is a must see for the spirit of arts and crafts for anyone traveling through Jersey's controversial capital.

The craft event consisted of a bunch ofeclectic people being who they want to be, traveling merchants, and humanitarian-minded food trucks.

So naturally I committed to travel and put it on my calendar to wake up early. So wake up early I did, and I drove over to Trenton before 10. I got into the artsy flea market pretty quickly, within 10 minutes or so, and spoke to the craft vendors.

the spot of joe passion

Merchants sold everything from beard cosmetics to taxidermy to crocheted hats, awesome prints, wicked sweets, bubble teas! Someone even came in with some rubber turtle coasters they sold on Kickstarter! I bought two for gifts, but unfortunately lost them around the fair.

Stay tuned for more posts!

Over the next few days, I will detail some of the cooler stores I saw in individual posts, and if you're curious, check out their site I linked to up above! And again, right here!