Connecticut Trip - Part II: Yale

Cue morning alarm the next day. Cue stretch. Cue yawn.The sunlight is streaming in through the window next to the pale wooden desk, the office chair slightly askew from the night I spent goofing off in between studying at my new place for the weekend. Specs of sparkle catch my eye as I look towards the serene rays of light catching on lazily drifting dust particles in the AirBnB room in New Haven, CT I fell asleep in the night before.

I stretch once more and pull the covers off of myself. I had arrived the evening before, during a spontaneous trip I took to clear my head from finals, a messy dorm, campus life, and to have fun and study unhampered by social temptations. As I swipe on Tinder, something catches my eye and it's not the cute New Haven girls.

It's the fact that almost all of them go to Yale. I think in my head, "Where is Yale? Where does Yale Campus lie on the US map?" And I realize I don't know. So I tap on the colorful wheel that opens up Chrome, and type in Yale Campus.

New Haven, Connecticut. 7 minutes from me. I booked an AirBnB right next to one of the world's top universities, and I have a free day ahead of myself.

So I contact my host, leave my key and check out. I drive over, hungry since I'm too excited to stop, and park in the narrow streets on the other side of New Haven, next to some distinguished-looking Yale buildings. I immediately am struck by how college-towny it feels, in a good way of course. There is a thrift store nearby, independent restaurants with those chalkboard signs out front, people bustling around with books and backpacks. I see the occasional introverted professor-in-trenchcoat hurrying through the clean sidewalks on campus as if they're about to save the world with the bundles of research in their arms.

My phone bursts pictures at a local park off campus, the Superior Court of Connecticut, and two horses with a rent-a-horse carriage group, as some Thai chicken soup at a local eatery complete with fried sesame balls filled with red bean and a honeydew bubble tea quells the growling beast in my belly.


The rest of the day was ripe with conversation among locals, campus strolling and exploration, and famous works at the Yale art gallery.

Tomorrow I leave for California, on a trip up Central California, all the way to South Florida, Orlando and New York City.