Canada Chronicles - Part II: The Canada Chronicles

I woke up the second day to find out that my keys, blessed be them, had this tag on them:


Yup. That's right. The Canadian stereotype of people being really nice and kind so far pans out. "Stay awesome," they say. I've heard a similar quote, "Don't forget to be awesome" attributed to none other than J.K. Rowling.

So with my inspirational keys, Emily and I went off to get some Canadian money from a local bank. It's so colorful! It's made of polymer too! And it has shiny parts and clear windows and holograms. It's so cool!

Emily, who can't smell anything told me that the maple leaves on the bills smell like maple, like scratch and sniff. I could barely smell it, and upon further research it's quite a controversy. Reddit is all up in flames about whether or not it's an urban myth:

The Controversy of the Scratch and Sniff Money

Either it's a nose trick or it's a widely-known fact that diminishes with older bills. We did use older 20 and 50 Canadian dollar bills except for that first withdrawal, so I can't say for sure, since I commonly see it attributed to new 100 Canadian dollar bills.

Go to Canada and email me!, with your thoughts on whether it smells like maple or not.