Canada Chronicles - Part I: The Tale of the Half-Day Bus

Tuesday morning I hear my alarm. Clock: 5:45. 1 Message from Emily. "On my way." Up. Right out of bed. What do I do? Feet on the floor. My bags are already packed and ready. My clothes are laid out on the bed next to mine. I change.

Briiinnnnggg. Doorbell rings. I answer. We're off to see the wizard. The wizard of Greyhound.

Now I've heard of Canada, and I've looked up the ride there. It consists of no less than 12 hours and 5 or so stops. Along the way I tried Tim Horton's (not to be confused with Horton from Horton Hears A Who, I hear it's a common mistake) caramel hot chocolate, a new favorite of mine when it comes to guilty pleasures,


and made Emily watch Scott Pilgrim, for the mandatory Scott Pilgrim Pilgrimage in the far away land of Toronto, Canada.

Upon approaching the border, there was a long strip of stark white archways lining the pathways,


lit up against the jet black night like a football game at Rutgers. The Canadian attendant guy with the official uniform was kind. He asked our plans and let us through without much hassle.

So fast forward to all the real, important awesome things. The AirBnB was so clean and comfy. The bed? Plush. We just sank into it like it was a cloud. An awesome, fluffy, plush cloud. Adrien, our host, was so kind! He gave us a welcome note, left the keys with the doorman (a relaxed security guard named Teran with cool gauges) since we got in at midnight.

Over the next couple days we would go to Casa Loma, a local castle formerly owned by a British spy who was allegedly Ian Fleming's inspiration for James Bond, and the backdrop for one of Scott Pilgrim's famous fights (the second one, played by Chris Evans of course in front of the castle.) We decorated cookies there and found a bounce house of the castle, inside the castle.

We made a pie. We found some unique milk habits Canadians enjoy, and we enjoyed a local delicacy. One surprise ending to our trip happened as well as a cool artsy detour and a bed change.


More deets to come, folks, but for now, feast your eyes on this teaser to our trip!