Beach Trip – Part I: Beaching at LBI, Beaches!


  So a couple friends of mine, my bestest bro and his twin brother, invited me to his beach house this weekend. I thought for a moment, checked my calendar, hiding a bit of my excitement because I was really excited, and said "Yeah, I'll go!"


So come last afternoon, I visit Doc Herman, a guy known for his eccentric beliefs,dedication to spirituality, and his quirky chiropractic endeavors (as well as his encounter with a street thug after his kindle,) at his office, with Brian, Greg and their father Don to slap ourselves.

Now you're probably thinking, what the hell man?Why would you slap yourselves? Well, we've escaped the asylum so we need to be crazy somewhere new, why not a chiropractor's office?

We slap each other for 20 minutes each while we lay on massage tables, listening to relaxing music while feeling the sting, sting, sting of the falling blows.


For the full scoop, Brian, an avid wrestler deep into spirituality, brought me into the world of Qi Gong, an ancient Chinese mindfulness practice involving rhythmic slapping as one of the techniques.

Then we leave for their beach house. On the way to Long Beach Island, about 4 hours away, I caught a pidgey and tickled the girl in front of me, Jamie, who was somewhat enthused, but mostly just waiting for it to stop, secretly enjoying it.

Then Wawa and Sleep. I bought a bottle of water everyone was so excited about. I biked around the area the next morning, met the wonders of some random neighbor's dock, and breathed in the cool sea air.

The sun was bright, the girls were beautiful and we were happy.

Next post hear about why juice isn't juice anymore! And why Smores are the best thing you can do for your health! All at the same beach.