Beach Trip - Part III: The Hexagonal Crayons


Readers, I'm sure you're thinking, why would I ever want to hear about hexagonal crayons? You must be thinking how childish this writer is, how off-the-wall, how crazy. Or, if you're cool and all, you're thinking OH MY LORD, HEXAGONAL CRAYONS??? THAT'S WHY I STARTED FOLLOWING YOUR BLOG IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! SHOW ME, SHOW ME, SHOW ME! *composure breakdown as you fangirl over my blog*

Well, cool followers, I have something for you! Feast your eyes:


We had gone to a seafood place, and like any sane adult, I asked the hostess for the only thing I needed - crayons. She proceeded to give me hexagonal crayons! Like pencils, but crayons! So I drew, and I took them home with me. I was so happy. How old am I, you ask? You, sir or ma'am need to embrace your playfulness! Try some of these and you will become 5 years old very quickly. I am 5 by the way.

So that was the beach trip! Here are some more photos for your enjoyment. One of them shows a new look on "Kale Heads."


Stay unchained, dear reader!