Beach Trip - Part II: The Juicing...


After a night of good sleep, an almost full 8 hours, I went downstairs to see who was up. There were about 4 people on the couches downstairs, which surprised me, since I figured there would only be a few people over.

My friend's mom invited me to take the bike outside, so I did, and biked around the town. It was a while since I had biked, but I found out one thing: you know how they say "it's just like riding a bike?"

It's true. I was back on the horse (read: bike) in no time!

There was a place I went by which sold Açai Colada ice cream. Unfortunately the universe was thinking "no ice cream for you!" that morning since it was closed.

So I went back to the place and chatted with my friends who were waking up. At one point, pancakes were being made, so of course I took that and added some chocolate to the mix, making the best chocolate pancakes since sliced bread. I may just be a bit full of myself, but I heard good things.

Then Eric Herman, this dude known for his chiropractic work, eccentricity and the fact that he organizes an Eckart Tolle book club we go to decided to bring out his juicer!

So we all took a trip, about 7 of us, to the nearby grocery store and bought $50 of fruit and veggies, to return back and make some juice.


I filmed the whole thing live for Facebook Live (I love the feature! Seriously, it's like instant friends!) and drank everything from ginger, kale, cherries, lemons and other things all juiced up and ready to drink! The thing about ginger shots is that it burns. but it's a good burn. It's a warm burn, like a nice scotch rather than a harsh vodka. A burn that warms up your throat. AND it's healthy!

A day of beaching later, and we ended up telling campfire stories and cooking s'mores in the backyard around a fire pit. A fact I just made up tells me that s'mores are perfect for your health due to the fact that they taste awesome!

The last post on this trip, which is coming up soon, will include some good crabs and HEXAGONAL CRAYONS! I repeat, HEXAGONAL CRAYONS! Like pencils, but CRAYONS!!!