A new direction


I am taking Project Unchained in a new direction. For nearly two years, starting with chocolatechipcookiejoe.wordpress.com in June 2015, continuing with ChocolateChipCookieJoe.com in December 2015, and evolving further into ProjectUnchained.com last July, we have come a loooong way together.

Through it all, I am thankful for my #1 fans! Without you I'd just be a selfish dude writing for attention.

I realized the posts I most loved writing were those on craft [link]. Like this one[link]. And this one[link]. And this other one[link].

I was trying to tell myself something! This past while I was searching for my passion, while helping out you guys, my readers, in whatever way I could.

And I can help! But only if I fill up my cup first, by writing about what I LOVE.

So I'm steering again, towards a more permanent foundation. A more permanent subject. I want to grow slowly, and to grow WITH you lovely creative cookies :) If you ABSOLUTELY need travel advice, please email me at projectunchained@gmail.com. I will be happy to answer any questions you have!

But the subject going forward will be art, creativity, craft. The more I connect with you, my fans, the more I will be able to specialize and create something helpful for all of us. Right now I know it's a bit vague, so please help me help you by filling out this form[link]! You'll get a free hand-created-by-me-haiku in the process ;)

Please keep communication open and email me at ProjectUnchained@gmail.com with any suggestions! I read all the emails I get from you creative cookies.