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(Pic is of graffiti in Bogota, Colombia) Pre-article:

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Hey! I have an apology to make.

I promised you guys a travel blog, and I delivered until September. I went through a lot of personal hurdles, which I have mostly recovered from. And I haven't been true to myself, opting to say I'm going back to college, when in fact my goals don't include getting a Bachelor's degree.

I even wrote two posts about it.

I was torn between coming clean and breaking trust, and chugging through it in order to keep appearances. I eventually chose the right one. I hope I can regain your trust as I aspire to give better content which helps you more directly and to create a more consistent brand so you know what to expect.

Without you, my readers, this blog is lost in the wind. I need you and the point of this blog is at one end to organize my thoughts and practice my craft of writing, and at the other, to inform you guys and help you along a journey to Becoming Unchained. To living life on your own terms.

I've missed the road since I totaled my car. My three week trip around the South-Eastern US was eye-opening. I planned my budget, my shelter, my transportation, and I set off to enjoy myself!

And boy, did I ever! From cajun boiled peanuts to learning to play guitar from a Spanish dude staying in New Orleans, I thoroughly enjoyed my trip around the US. I even visited my hometown, Hershey PA, on the way back.

the spot of joe new orleans travel self awareness passion

Then I lost my shelter this fall, started to drive for Uber, totaled my car,  worked briefly for Walmart, and finally became true to myself and pursued lifestyle blogging and the nomadic lifestyle as my choice mode of living.

Full circle. I made a decision, and resisted it, but life changed around for me.

I've learned along the way that life may take you to crazy places.

I've learned along the way that life may take you to crazy places. You may realize that your true calling is travel. And when you dive headfirst into your true path, life will test you. Are you serious enough? What happens if I fuck up your car? What happens if I put you on the streets for a couple weeks? But I still love travel, and I still want to see the road stretch out in front of me for miles, showing me all there is to explore.

So I'm chugging along, correcting course along the way. My next trip, after I make a couple hundred more dollars, will be to Colombia. Because why not? And the tickets are $500 round trip! With each week of expenses totaling about $65 (as long as I find CouchSurfing hosts).

In total, I'll need approximately the same amount as I'd spend a month here in the states. Each dollar equals 3,000 Colombian Pesos, and after conversion, the prices are still cheaper. A median 3-course meal for two people in CalĂ­, Colombia is 50,000 pesos, or almost $17! (source)

So it's very doable, the largest expense being the round-trip-tickets. For a month, I'd have to save up a thousand dollars, which is very doable.

I'll walk you through the planning process as I delve further into it, readers! Thank you for following me on this journey! Please reach out to me at joe@thespotofjoe.com with any suggestions for post topics! And please remember, I still post guest stories ;)

Unchain Yourselves!

~Joe "Ronimo" Buchoff