10th day... To the 21st day... Self awareness

Who am I? What is my type?

My mentor shares his insight in selling things and working with people with a personality typing system.

There are Practical people

There are Action people

There are Social people

There are Emotional people.


I fall squarely in Action.

Smack dab.

I care so much about my momentum. I care a lot about wanting to keep moving, no matter what happens. Even those of you who see me in person - every morning I go for a run, and I like to take a new route as much as possible.

It is easier for me to switch tasks if something is bothering me than to stay put and work through it.

I'd rather keep the momentum going than to achieve something meaningful, if I had to choose between the two.

How does this relate to my 30-day design challenge?

I did several designs between the 9th and the 21st.

...But I wasn't consistently working on it. That's my kryptonite - consistency. I am very good at getting to work. At starting a change. At the initial effort needed. And that is a strength I capitalize on.

One thing I need to improve is keeping the momentum going. Achievement is difficult for me, since I care more about moving, than where I am moving. Consistency builds what needs to be built, a skill, a relationship, a community. This is my next bit to do, building consistency.

I'm ashamed I did not finish this 30-day challenge. I will not create excuses.

Sharing this will help though - I've found sharing yourself helps in general.