Day 9. It is important to know your limits. And be skeptical.


  So yesterday, Day 9, I did not complete my design challenge. I was so passionate about it that I focused on my shopify store as I recovered from the long night of staying up 30 hours to launch it.

I also feel it was a mistake to make myself do 2 each day. I want to build skill and pushing myself through pain might be great to build muscle (and even then many physical trainers suggest gradual building to be more efficient and effective) but for the mind, pushing yourself too far too fast will instill an aversion to what you're trying to achieve.

So I will add an extra day at the end, for 31 days total. This helps me persue more passions, and explore self development in a way which allows me to retain some of my energy.

When it comes to advice, one mentor of mine says "Work Smart." Another says "Overtrain" which means train to achieve 10x your goals, and you will easily achieve your base goals. I have not yet implemented my "Overtrain" mentor's advice. I intend to but it is not my priority. I am openning up other bottlenecks in my life.

Some say work hard, like Grant Cardone and Gary Vaynerchuck. I feel that persistence, knowing how to conserve willpower, and staying adamant about your goals are important, and my experience shows this - it is congruent.


"It is always important to conserve your willpower and achieve over time, with your wellbeing intact."

~ Joe Buchoff

Like the first marathon runner, bringing news to Athens of the victory against the Persians at Marathon, he completed his treck, then promptly collapsed and died. To be fair, he ran 150 miles in the days before he ran the "Marathon" distance, but the lesson remains - conserve your energy and incrase efficiency and goal size (over train) so you can enjoy the spoils and have enough energy and life for the next challenge.

So I am deciding to change my challenge to one design each day. This will enable me to retain my learning much more reliably - to build skills for the long term, having them associated in my mind with skill and a healthy life with enough sleep rather than with pain and going to sleep waaay too late.

Fail forward, they say. And they're right. Fail forward. I learned from this. I learned proactively planning out time is important, so you can enjoy your spoils with passion, and live to explore another day. Unlike Pheidippides, the first marathon runner.