Oh what a weekend! Day 6 summary

Ah. I loved the next place I stayed after I showed myself I was serious about design by pushing harder after my first violent client! I hope I don't get any more, but if I do, hey... I know how to deal with it!  

So far my other clients have been very gracious, I have to give them credit! I just delivered to two, who were appreciative, even though one of them had some revisions to share.

Professionality is super important with freelancing, although I always try to incorporate humor and playfullness into it ;) You know me! Always passion, congruence and exploration!

This day I was super proud of my designs. I had been pitching to clients for a few days with some bites, but I decided to do something different.

I decided to incorporate my design into a Shopify store. A clothing store where I (and in the future other designers) create projects I then print on clothing and products.

All based on the digital nomad lifestyle, a lifestyle I love as it incorporates all my 3 core values - Passion, Exploration and Congruence. More articles to be written about this soon!

After brainstorming for about a half hour and researching available web domains, I decided on this:


Simple. Elegant. Symbolic. I will share more about my take on it later. I want you to experience it for yourself.

I then created my first design for drop-shipped printed products on my store:


I drew all those in Illustrator from scratch, with models to draw shapes, curvature and proportions from. I was, and am very proud of this design.

Yes, there are ways I can improve - the consistency of design isn't there (line thickness varies from object to object - and the hand holding the plane ticket is too thin.

But the overall affect of it, and the arrangement of the three objects into an upside-down triangle is great placement. I was proud of that aspect :)

Onto the next design! Please answer the comment question! I want to learn from you, you may see my designs differently than I do!

Comment Question: What do you think of my logo? I am curious about how it affects you.