Design ♫♪♬ 8 Days a Week! ♩♫♩ Aaand now I can sleep.

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So Day 8 is done.

I woke up yesterday, 10/3, Day 8 at 9:30 AM.

I had stayed up until 6 am on Day 6, after I completed the designs, then 5 am on Day 7, and I vowed to get my store up Day 8!

I ended up doing it, and staying up until now. It is 11:21 am on Day 9, and I damn well earned my sleep after this!

In case you're curious, here's my store: Swagabond - Wear the Adventure! Digital Nomad Wardrobe and more!


But you want to see the designs.

This post will be short and sweet. So I can get some damn sleep.

First design - redesign of Gia's logo.

She wanted her name, not her initials.

One simple challenge came up - Do you notice something slightly odd?

The "A" is way too long. You wouldn't notice it at first. I made it look natural.

I created the change with her name... Then when I inserted it into the subliminal flower lightbulb (read about the symbolism by clicking here), there was a big white space on the right of the "A."

I could either revamp the flower.

Or elongate the "A."

The first option would take more time and effort and likely change the dynamic of the flower.

The second option was less risky and in the end looks great.

My second design was for a freelance copywriter, who lives in Northern Europe (The Netherlands if I remember correctly) and works for people and companies in Australia, New Zealand, UK and I believe the US as well.

Also a female entrepreneur. I think it's so courageous for girls going into the entrepreneur world! There's a lot of backlash, and many girls shy away. Like my Mom, an entrepreneur herself, who created a copyediting and calligraphy business from scratch, I appreciate ambition when I see it.

Because she was so worldly, I created this logo in 4 variants - 2 fonts and 2 word-placements:

  • A neat, clean serif ("Mrs Eaves") for authority and professionality.
  • And a playful script font, aptly named "Playscript" for more creative flair.

The symbolism was apparent to me, with the world as the ball of a ballpoint pen. My client thought it was too confusing, so my next revision, for Day 9, is to elongate the pen and play around with color and saturation to make it look more like a pen.

You'll see that soon!

I am grateful for a free Youtube Tutorial I have invested my time and energy in! No I am not being paid, and the creator doesn't know I am doing this, but one of the reasons I am improving so fast besides my consistency in creating designs is that I am following this Youtube Adobe Illustrator tutorial:


Self-improvement requires humility and realizing you can improve so much better! And that there are so many more who are better than you! Learn from them! That's the only way :)

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