Design 30-Day Challenge - Day 4

One thing from yesterday, I am sorry I did not share!

With my first violent client [link] I created his design on Day 3! I am proud of the design, and don't really care what he did. It's past me and was an amazing test of my character.

I have erased the contact info off the fliers so I don't advertize for that jackass, and I am still able to share the design :)

Here are all the proposals I created!


The more I think about it, I am grateful for his reaction! Without that, I wouldn't have known I truly love design. To be attacked by a manipulative and dangerous client, and still design for others, I've shown myself I truly am passionate about design! I should probably thank him.

From a distance.

Maybe from the visitor side of a Colombian prison after he picks a fight with the wrong guy.

I digress. I am better off, more motivated because of this experience and I will keep it handy when I feel like quitting.

That's one thing this challenge is teaching me. It is 10:10 AM here and I haven't slept since I woke up at 9:30 AM the day before.

I promised myself I would catch up on these blogs, launch my Digital Nomad clothing design store (,) put up some Facebook ads, and of course, complete my 8th day of my challenge.

So I did everything but catch up. Once I have caught up, I will sleep. Probably the whole day, until my date comes over. She's a fashion designer and wants to learn Shopify. I hooked her up with another fashion designer I know. Always looking to connect people :)

Without further ado, though, before I start hallucinating from a lack of sleep... My Day 4 design (I did just one, the flyer from the day before was extra so I'll complete day 4 with it) and insights:

As you can see, I learned much of design is its presentation when you deliver to the client.

I could have just shared the logo by itself. Instead I arranged it tastefully with t-shirt mockups (make your client feel like it's theirs. Help them visualize what they can do with it.) I'm learning not just to design better, but to present the designs better!

The client is a marijuana cultivation facility. Their market is mature, upscale clients. They wanted to look professional, not like a smoke shop or a back alley dispensary.

So I pulled out the dark colors (the light too, but I prefer the dark logos here,) put on the Serifs for a sense of authority and created this logo.

My self-criticism -

it's not unique. It's a nice looking pot leaf. Don't get me wrong, my design is improving, but the better I get, the more ways I can see I can improve.

It doesn't stand out enough in my opinion. If, say, I focused on the frost... Perhaps created an angular geometry effect with shades of blue in the shape of a marijuana leaf (similar to the background on some of the fliers I created) it would be unique and even more quality!

That's also a good piece of insight. Life is improvement. You're never done. The more I learn design, practice it and improve my skills, the more I see ways I can improve more. I build the confidence to persue projects I could only imagine before!

A few months ago this would have overwhelmed me. Now, though, I feel like life is inviting me to play.

"Come get better," it whispers to me. "Improve with us!"

Life... I accept your invitation.