Day 7! A whole week, unless you ask the Beatles ♫ ♪ ♪ ♫

On Day 6, 99Designs told me to shove off. Apparently I wasn't good enough  

So I told them I didn't need them! I went on Facebook and said to everyone "HEY! I'M DOING A 30-DAY CHALLENGE AND I NEED PROJECTS! GET ME WHILE I AM FREE! 2 FREE PROJECTS EACH DAY!"


And guess what? People wanted them.


Here is one I made for a startup consultant who primarily works with women in business.

Look at it for 30 seconds, ponder it, then read the first bulletpoint. I want you to have your own opinion, your own interpretation so I can hear how it comes across.

  • When you've looked at it for 30 seconds, write your thoughts about it in the comments. How do you feel? What is the symbolism here?


The symbolism I intended to portray

  • The image of a lightbulb.
  • But made out of a tulip
  • And the letters towering up, suggesting authority.

Why? And where? And how?

Okay... What are startups? Companies in the making.

What do they do? They put ideas into action and construct something effective in the world to solve problems.

What is a symbol of ideas in action?

A lightbulb.

Okay Joe, why the tulip?

Feminists, you might want to click off now. I can see you blowing up my inbox already, so spare me and you the trouble and go read Tumblr or something.

The tulip shows she caters mostly to female clients. It alleviates some of the intense masculine energy of the authority perspective "looking up" at the letters, her initials, and caters more towards female clients.

As for the perspective on the letters - looking up at something towering above shows authority. To run a consulting business you need authority.

All in all, it looks cool, and some of the symbolism is under the surface, as I will probably read in the comments "It looks cool but I don't know what it is."


I was playing more towards the subconscious here, making the right FEELING while making it look cool.

The next day I created a revision, and counted that as a design. Cheating? No. It's a whole design. I stated this to myself before I started that revisions count as designs and that I won't work on Saturday.


I only did one today. I have to do an extra one one of these days to make up for it.


I can't wait to see your comments! Stay tuned for day 8!