Catching up with my 30-Day Challenge!

As I work on myself with this 30 day challenge, I run into a situation - Do I prioritize actually doing the designs? Or writing about them. As you can see, I have prioritized the former!

So far, I have completed 5 days (and a rest day, so 6 days) of designs, and today will be the 7th!

This day was the day you can see me improve drastically. I worked on three designs for a contest, the first was from Day 2, the second two are for the same company.

Check them out below!

As you can see, my technique improved drastically, even within a single day!

I completed both in Illustrator, by hand with a reference. This is why I love design, and why I love 30-day challenges... The passion I get from exploring and developing my skills, is immediate! Each day, I put in the work, and each day, I see the improvements!

I have to push myself, and it's hard at first. But once it becomes habit, it comes a lot easier. And then I am able to devote my time to more important things! Like getting even better!

As a comparison, here is the design from the day before:

Logo Design Version 1
Logo Design Version 1

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